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Asphalt Sealing is a heavy duty protective coating. Black Magic asphalt sealing uses ECO-FRIENDLY Black Diamond XL Sealer, which doesn't contain coal.
Black Diamond™ XL is a premium heavy-duty, superior performance, polymer-modified petroleum-based emulsion pavement sealer, containing a high molecular weight polymer that has been cross-linked with the base to enhance durability, adhesion, elastic, and wear resistance.
With all the environmental benefits of AE sealer, Black Diamond XL exceeds AE performance with “Xtra Long” durability, superior adhesion to pavement, impressive cohesive strength, unsurpassed elasticity, and improved gas/oil resistance. These benefits translate into even better protection and longer life on asphalt pavement surfaces.
Features & Benefits
  • The base binder has been cross-linked with a high molecular weight polymer compound prior to emulsification, resulting in superior performance not achievable by other processes
  • Protects all asphalt surfaces including commercial and residential parking areas and driveways
  • Resists gasoline and oil penetration
  • Alternative to both coal tar and asphalt base sealers
  • Weatherproofs and seals porous asphalt surfaces, preventing damaging effects of water penetration
  • Protects pavements from oxidation by forming a tough protective skin with a deep black color
  • Exhibits outstanding wear resistance, adhesion, and flexibility for long-term durability
  • Manufactured in a regulated continuous colloid mill process for consistent emulsion particle size and distribution


Blacktop is naturally porous. Water seeps into blacktop and deteriorates it. Freezing and thawing cycles during winter causes the water trapped inside to expand...


The sun’s ultraviolet rays harden and dry out the asphalt pavement surface. Exposure to sun causes blacktop to crack, ravel and dry out. This lets water penetrate..


Gasoline, lube oil, grease, road salts and antifreeze attack and soften your asphalt. With proper asphalt sealing and repair, you can protect your blacktop with...


Sealing beautifies blacktop by giving the asphalt a rich, new-looking charcoal black appearance.It is restores original black color to asphalt and greatly enhancing...


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